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Letter Template in Word

All companies and organisations need a solid template for letter correspondence, whether through mail or electronic. It is important to maintain your company’s visual identity, and a good letter template helps ensure this, while at the same time helping the writer produce letters efficiently.

We’re happy to help set up and define a user-friendly and well designed letter template that you and your company or organisation can be sure will adhere to your profile and look professional.

Our checklist when creating letter templates

  • Logo and other graphic elements inserted in correct file format, quality and size
  • Defined text styles with correct typography
  • Color palette to match company’s visual profile
  • Document layout follows best practice
  • Header and footer text differentiated between page 1 and other pages if wanted

Quality and warranty

All Word templates og custom solutions we deliver follow our strict quality demands. If you are not happy after the initial delivery, we’ll follow up any issues immediately and make any adjustments and/or corrections neccessary. We’re not happy until you are happy!

If you have any questions or want an estimate on letter templates (or any other type of document), please contact us for an informal conversation.

We can also deliver more sophisticated solutions regarding word templates for clients with specific needs. Feel free to have a closer look at our case involving our development of a custom solution for letter templates for Nettbuss.

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