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Macros and add-ins

Microsoft Office is loaded with functionality and possibilites, but often you will have a need to go beyond the default features of the various software. We can write macros and Add-Ins to help you with this.

Macros help you automate processes that might usually be time consuming and repetative. A simple macro that inserts author name at the end of a letter so you don’t have to type it every time, something to simplify inserting and cropping pictures, or more complex solutions to communicate with third party services like Sharepoint or SuperOffice; macros and add-ins can boost your productivity greatly.

We also develop add-ins with support for Office in your web browser and other devices (iOS, Android).

Most processes in Office can be automated, and we like to think that nothing is impossible. Asking us costs nothing, there’s nothing to lose!

Template framework

Our template framework solution gives your users quick and easy access til all your company’s Office templates through a custom designed toolbar. Offline sync makes sure the templates are always available, wherever your users may be. When creating a new document, all user date and other information is automatically included.


Our template framework helps you organise all your templates

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