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Word Templates

All businesses need to produce digital documents. Sometimes you have to print the documents, other times they are intended for digital distribution. Regardless, the documents have to look good, both on screen and print. Microsoft Word is by far the most used text editing software among business consumers.

We have years of experience developing good looking and user-friendly Word templates for businesses and organizations of all sizes. The most common template we produce is letter templates in Word. Official letters have to appear professional and adhere to the company’s design profile. We ensure typography, colors, and graphical elements are used accordingly.

Your business will benefit from well-defined report templates, estimate templates, meeting minutes, resumés, etc. It can also be useful to have a template framework for organizing your various templates and making them readily available for all users, especially if you have a lot of different templates and documents.

Feel free to contact us if you want to receive a free consultation regarding your business’ templates. See below for a few examples of the kind of custom templates OfficeConsult has produced for some of our clients.

Template examples

Here are just some examples of the different types of Word templates we have previously created for our clients through the years. Hopefully, these examples can demonstrate some of our abilities, as well as enlighten and inspire you as to what can be achieved with Word templates.

Letter template with input box and integration with external system

In the video below you can see our letter template solution for Nettbuss. Nettbuss is an organization with a lot of departments, so they needed a robust letter template which took this into consideration. Instead of creating a separate letter template for each department, we developed one single template for use within all departments. This makes maintaining and updating the template much simpler.

When opening the letter template, the user chooses which department should be the sender of the letter, as well as getting a preview of the recipient and address field. The message box is connected to an external system that makes maintaining and updating addresses and departments very easy.

We also add text fields to all templates like this, so the user can easily write the letter by using TAB to jump to the next field after writing the previous, just like in web forms.



Single report template for several different types of report

NOKUT writes a lot of different reports and needed our help to create a template tool to streamline and simplify the production of these reports. Instead of many separate templates, we collected all these templates into a complete report tool. The users may simply choose which report type they wish to create. Based on their choice, the template adapts a range of elements:

  • graphics
  • colors
  • typography
  • document structure and content

The user is also presented with a message box specially made for the chosen report type where they can fill in relevant data to get started creating their report.

Letter template configures for pre-printed paper

A lot of companies have preprinted paper to go with their letters. These typically include company logo in the top corner, as well as company address and contact information in the footer. What we often do is that we add a button to the top menu that you can press if you want logo and footer to be included or not when printing. The logo and footer will always be visible in Word, even when not included on print.

Report template with alternative front pages and colors

Sørum Municipality wanted a report template where they could change the design based on their defined color profile. We tailored a user-friendly template that allowed the user to easily change the colors throughout the document. This allowed for simple customization while still sticking to the defined design guidelines.

Template with function for easily changing page orientation

Sometimes, especially in long reports, you want to have some pages in a different orientation than the rest of the document. You might want to have a single page or two be in landscape orientation, without affecting the layout and design of the rest of the document. Microsoft Word does not have a simple way of achieving this, so we’ve created an easy solution to simplify this process.

In this example, we’ve added two buttons to the top menu. One button to insert a new section before or after the active section, and one button the change the page layout of the active section. This makes it very easy to add or change sections the way you want them, without messing up the structure and design of the rest of your document.

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