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PowerPoint templates

PowerPoint is the most commonly used presentation tool, therefore most businesses have a need for PowerPoint templates. We know how professional PowerPoint templates should be with regards to functionality, design and usability. We often work closely with graphic designers to implement their designs for their customers PowerPoint templates.
PowerPoint has a wide range of potential customisations above and beyond the default functionality. Adapting SmartArt, custom table styles, etc., your company’s needs decide. We welcome all requests and manage to meet most of them!

Custom PowerPoint templates

The default functionality and features of PowerPoint is often more than enough for a lot of people, but if your business wants help to streamline certain processes and custom functionality, we can help you. Below are a few examples showing previous work we have done with PowerPoint:

Picture galleries

We are often asked if there is a way to integrate picture archives and galleries into PowerPoint, a feature most businesses could make use of the organise their presentation pictures. With such a feature you can ensure that all presentations made follow design guidelines with regards to usage of pictures. Based on this we’ve developed and adapted a picture gallery Add-In for PowerPoint. This Add-In helps the user chose and insert the appropriate pictures. The Add-In also lets you easily crop the picture before finally placing it on the slide.

World map in PowerPoint

We’ve often made interactive maps in PowerPoint where you can highlight specific countries and areas. This could be any type of map from the entire World to more detailed segments. This could, for instance, be used to highlight which countries and regions your company is active or are looking to get established.

With a few clicks, you can choose a specific country or region to highlight. As with all our solutions, this can be tailored to suit your needs. Maybe you want more or different colors for highlighting, or maybe you want to connect the map to data from an Excel sheet to automatically generate the highlighting of certain regions.

Animated timelines

PowerPoint has a wealth of options for animation that a lot of people are not aware of. When combined with timelines, animations can have a powerful effect in PowerPoint. We can customise everything from static layouts you wish to be animated, to complete solutions that let the user customise the timeline.

Vertical multipage timeline

Timelines are just one of the areas suitable for animations in PowerPoint. All kinds of objects and elements can benefit from animation. We welcome you to tell us your thoughts on the subject in regard to your PowerPoint template.

Horizontal single page timeline

Another variety of animated timelines is to put the entire timeline on one page and then animate it point for point. In the video example below we’ve used this to create an agenda page:

Icon galleries

Proper use of icons together with text and content can really help to create a professional looking presentation. A lot of businesses and organisations have sets of custom icons, but often these icons are not organised properly so that the average user has them readily available. Instead, the user has to navigate through a complex folder structure to find the suitable icons.
We’ve developed a solution that puts all the appropriate icons just a click away:

Your users can easily select icons to insert from the menu. Changing colors is also a breeze. If you have many custom icons, a search function can be implemented. If your company does not have a defined set of custom icons, we can help you find and implement suitable icon sets that fill your company’s needs. Contact us for more information or a free consultation.

Input box for changing colors and classification of slides

Do you want an easier way to change the colors and classification of your PowerPoint presentation? A possible solution we’ve developed is to implement a menu button that displays a message box with the possible choices and combinations. In the video below you can see how you can easily switch between the specified color profiles, and add slide classification (confidential, open to public, internal use only etc.).

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