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Office templates

Vi i OfficeConsult hjelper deg med å organisere og tilpasse Office-maler i Microsoft Office.

We at OfficeConsult help you define, organise and customise solid Office templates.

We develop templates and extended functionality for all Office apps. Take a closer look at what we can offer for Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook.

Good templates help efficiency

Having a set of good Office templates is beneficial for all companies and organisations that produce digital documents and presentations. The difference between a template and a regular document is that when you use a template you create a fresh copi of the source template, with all the custom design and features already present in your new document. This ensures all users can easily follow the same guidelines when creating documents and presentations, with no risk of saving over or corrupting the original document/presentation.

All Office apps allow custom colors, fonts and text formatting. Defining these properties to adhere to your company’s profile is important.

Your company may benefit from organising all your templates, making them easily accessible to all users. We can deliver template frameworks that help you with this. Read more about our solution for template frameworks in Office under Macros and Add-Ins.

We also work with other services than Office, such as Keynote, Pages, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets and Open Office/Libre Office. No matter which tools your company uses to produce documents and presentations, solid templates help greatly. We guarantee you’ll be happy if you choose us.

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