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Office experts

We develop all types of Word templates, PowerPoint presentations, themes, macros, add­-ins, email signatures, PDF forms and more.

Leading companies challenge us daily. What do you need?

Office templates and programming for leading companies and agencies.

The following modules explain briefly our primary services regarding development of Office templates and such, though they are by no means the full extent of our capabilities. If your needs have any connection to Office, ask us about it!

Solutions for businesses and organisations

All organisations have a need for Word templates, be it letters, transactions, memos, reports, Excel­ charts, PowerPoint presentations or something else.

The most important thing is to make sure all your templates appear professional and user-friendly, as well as uniform in their general design to adhere to your organisations graphic profile.

We can also create template frameworks to help make your templates organised and readily available for all users, in addition to making all templates easier to maintain by your IT department. We can extend the functionality of your templates with automation, custom menus and toolbars. The list could go on, it is your organisation’s needs that decide what’s needed.

Graphic designer or agency?

We know your valued clients need Office templates, and that you may not have the time and resources to keep up with all different versions and features of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Keynote and such, because becoming an expert takes years. That’s why we exist.

Your clients expect professional templates and have a wide range of requests, both before, during and after delivery. Most of you use Macs, while most clients use PC. Half of the clients users have Office 2007, while the other half uses the latest version. Maybe a couple of them use Macs as well, but the templates have to work for every Office version and user.

MS Word can really be a bummer for graphic designers and project managers, but the solution is simple. Use OfficeConsult as your agency’s Office experts. Let us handle this, so you can focus on other things. You’ll save a lot of time and money, and you won’t get frustrated with Office.