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Your Office expert

Leading businesses and agencies across Norway have come to us for their Office-related needs since 2002. Everything from templates that simplify writing letters or reports to add-ins that automate tedious tasks and create custom functionality. These are some of the areas in which we can help your company:

  • Templates for all kinds of documents in Word and PowerPoint.
  • Integration between templates and external systems.
  • Tailormade template frameworks for larger companies.
  • Functionality that allows changing between different graphical designs within the same template.
  • Extensions like custom image gallery, maps, timelines and icons in PowerPoint.
  • Feature for reusing slides in PowerPoint.
  • Automation and extended functionality in Office.
  • App for installing and maintaining email signatures in Outlook.
  • Graphical adaptions of Excel templates.
  • PDF forms.

For more examples, feel free to browse through the submenus on our website or contact us for a free and informal estimate.