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Word Templates

Word template with various text styles

A well defined Word template provides the foundation for producing professional looking documents.

Looking to increase productivity and simplify your work flow when producing documents? We create custom templates tailored according to your company’s visual identity and practical needs. We can do all sorts of things, just tell us what you need!

Maintain company visual identity

All businesses produce electronic documents. Some documents might need printing, others require only digital distribution. Regardless, your documents should look good, both on screen and print.

Using Word templates, your company’s visual identity is maintained through all documents. Typography, colors and graphical elements are always used properly and adhere to your specified desgn. Your documents look professional, every time.

Feel free to contact us for a noncommittal chat about your needs and possible solutions.

Word templates for your needs

Microsoft Word is the global business standard for document editing. We have years of experience with developing effective, user-friendly and professional looking templates for businesses of all sizes.

The most common Word template requested is letter templates. The importence of professional correspondence cannot be underestimated. A well produced letter template ensures your company’s visual identity is maintained. In addition to letter templates, your business can greatly benefit from well defined report templates, templates for internal correspondence, CV templates and a multitude of other document types.

We can also help you organize all your various document templates through a tailor made template framework. This tool is perticularly useful for companies with many different templates and documents.

Custom made functionality

For a lot of businesses, the built in functionality provided in Microsoft Word provide everything you might need. However, there is always room for improvement. Custom made functionality can greatly help reduce manual labour, speed up cumbersome processes and boost efficency. If you have a need, tell us about it. We can provide many great custom solutions. The sky is the limit!

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