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Excel Templates

Charts are important and Excel is the engine.

Throughout all Microsoft Office apps, Excel is responsible for creating charts.

Excel is a really powerful tool with many possibilites. Some of our most requested jobs in regards to Excel are charts and chart templates. We also deliver custom spreadsheets and templates for Excel, with graphical elements and calculations.

The most basic solution every business should have for Excel is a standard template that acts as the foundation for all your spreadsheets. This standard template defines your specific font type, color and size, as well as your color palette for use in charts and other graphics. A standard template such as this ensures that all created spreadsheets adhere to your company
s visual identity, always.

Chart templates in Excel

Everyone that uses Excel, or other Office apps such as Word or PowerPoint, will use charts regularly. Most likely, the standard, out of the box charts provided by Office will not match your company’s visual identity. This results in you having to manually customize charts for them to look right. With chart templates, we can define charts to look exactly how you want them to look, greatly reducing the amount of tinkering you need to spend to get charts to look good. We have plenty of experience and great knowledge of both the possibilites and the limitations of charts in Microsoft Office.


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