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Report Template in Word

We deliver functional and user-friendly report templates for use in Microsoft Word. The contents of report templates vary, though most report templates share some key elements.

In this video you can see an example report template with various custom features.

Some clients only require a simple template that contains:

  • Cover page
  • Table of contents
  • Content pages with defined text styles
  • End page

While others may require a more elaborate setup that may include:

  • Chapter pages
  • Text boxes
  • Tables
  • Charts

Cover pages

In our experience, most clients require the ability to vary their cover page in regards to picture use, graphic elements and color use. Microsoft Word has built in functionality that allows for several cover page alternatives to be available for use in a report template.

Cover pages in a report template

Word’s built in cover page gallery makes switching between different cover page styles easy.

The built in cover page gallery, in combination with our user-friendly solution for replacing images, users will be able to customise the report cover page while maintaining the specified layout. Take a closer look at how this can work in the video above.

Table of contents

All report templates should contain a well defined table of contents. Report documents by their nature are structured fairly strictly and can be quite long, so a table of contents is essential to allow readers to quickly navigate the content of the document. Microsoft Word has built in functionalty to create a table of contents, and this can be greatly customised to fit your design and required functionality

Innholdsfortegnelse i rapportmal i Word

A table of contents gives the reader a good and quick overview of the report’s content.

Defined text styles

It is also important to implement a well thought out and consistent set of text styles for use in reports. As a minimum, we recommend having clearly defined text styles for body text and at least three header levels. This helps structure the document and improves readability. Other text styles that may be useful to define is bullet points, numbered lists, quoted text, footnotes and more. Any type of text that the user should be able to add to the document should have a clearly defined text style. This ensures that all reports written using the report template have a uniform look and are structured professionally.

Text styles in a report template for Word

A report template should at a minimum have three header levels defined, as well as body text.

Additonal elements

Word’s built in default charts and table styles can look out of place and break with your document’s look and feel. having clearly defined table styles and chart templates can be very useful to ensuring your reports adhere to your company’s visual identity and design guidelines. For a truely professional looking report, every element in your document should look like it belongs there.

Charts and tables in report templates

Defined styles for charts and tables are an important part of a professional report.

The most basic way to ensure that charts and tables follow the overall design of the report is to modify the template’s color palette. The default charts and table styles provided by Microsoft Word use the document’s color palette to style these elements. Modifying the color palette will therefore affect the colors used in default charts and tables, but will not change the default charts and tables in any other way. We can still further customize charts and tables greatly, depending on your requirements. Read more about how the color palette works in Office Apps.

If you haven’t had a look at the video at the top if this page yet, feel free to do so. Here you can see some possible custom solutions that may benefit you! If you need something different, please ask us! The possibilites are almost endless. Send us an informal request, and we’ll have a look and suggest a possible solution for your particual issue.
Some more possibilites: Custom solutions for Word templates.

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