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PowerPoint Templates

We deliver PowerPoint templates for businesses.

Well defined PowerPoint templates are key starting points for creating good presentations.

Need a PowerPoint template that matches your company’s visual identity, is user-friendly and looks professional? We create custom made templates that greatly simplify the process of creating good presentations. Contact us for a free, no strings attached consultation!

Plenty of options

Most businesses have a need for PowerPoint templates, as PowerPoint is the market leading presentation tool. We create templates that not only helps you create presentations more effectively, but also look professional.

PowerPoint has many options to to extend the built in functionality by creating custom features and solutions. We can customize table stiles and smart art, create custom buttons, menus and more. If you need something that PowerPoint does not let you do by default, we can make it happen. Almost anything is possible.

Tell us what you want, and we’ll find a solution!

Custom functionality

PowerPoint is already a very powerful tool, but your company might have specific needs that do not work (or do work, just not as well as you would like!) with the built in features. We can create tailored solutions for almost any problem, making it easier for you to create presentations the way you want.

If you are/have a graphic designer, send us your designs as PDFs from InDesign or Illustrator. Even if you have a lot of experience designing PowerPoint presentations, we can probably help you achieve even greater customer satisfaction. Microsoft Office, including PowerPoint, is what we do.


We’ve created a multitude of diffent PowerPoint templates for a wide variety of clients. Have a look at some concrete examples to see just some of what is possible.

See anything you like?

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