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Email signatures in Outlook

Do you and your business need a well-defined, good looking email signature that is easy to install for all your users? We have plenty of experience with creating email signatures for use with Microsoft Outlook, as well as other email clients. A proper email signature needs solid coding to ensure that it is displayed correctly in most email clients and devices.

An example of our most complete email signature solution. Here, the user simply inputs their personal information and gets a live preview of how their email signature will look like. The new signature is then automatically assigned as the default signature.

Complete email signature solution

The most complete email signature solution we have to offer simplifies the entire process of creating a new default signature in Outlook. We are sent sketch of how the signature is supposed to look, then we set it up in a .htm file. The .htm file is then built into an application, which the user runs to create and implement their new signature. You can see how this works in the video above. The user is presented with a window where he/she fills in their credentials (name, title, etc.). The user is given a live preview of the signature. When all relevant information is entered, the user simply presses a button, and the signature is implemented and set as the user’s default signature.

This solution is especially good for larger businesses, as it makes it much simpler to ensure all employees have a uniform email signature.

Simple email signature

We can also create a simpler solution where we do not create an application, just an email signature. We create an .htm file with placeholder credentials, then the users edit the file using a simple text editor like notepad to add their personal information before placing the .htm file in the appropriate folder.

If you do not have a ready design for your email signature, we are more than happy to provide a suggestion based on your brand profile.

Custom solutions

Beyond creating an application for implementing email signatures, we can also create further custom solutions.

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